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Be the Better ATV Rider:

Do you want to see a trail system that will be maintained and we won’t be hassled to use?

We need your support! Please be courteous to the homes around you and help preserve our environment when you ride. Use the trash in trash out method.

As always, ride safe and wear a helmet.

By following these few courtesies, you are helping us to show the province that ATV’ing is a responsible sport that deserves a positive reputation.

Our Mission:

South Interlake ATV Club is a non-profit, membership based corporation for the promotion and development of safe and courteous ATV riding between our communities.

About Us:

South Interlake ATV Club was formed in the spring of 2008 by a group of enthusiasts that wanted to increase the acceptance of and opportunities for recreational ATV’ing in the area. The group encompasses the areas of Warren, Woodlands, Agyle & Stonewall in the Rural Municipalities of Woodlands and Rockwood.

In the future we would like to see a province wide system of connected trails similar to Snoman.

SIATV Club has a 25 year lease & management contract for the Interlake Pioneer Trail.